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Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
[What are the common problems of the chiller?]
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First, the  cold water machinenot hot, too much refrigerant

The normal operation of the device does not have excessive refrigerant, so this reason can be eliminated directly.

Therefore, in the summer, the high pressure offer is a heat dissipation problem. It is necessary to check whether the electric fan is not rotated, whether the fin condenser is dirty, whether it is necessary to clean and the ventilation environment is good.

Second, the cold water machine cryogenic alert alert: forming a low pressure maintenance: fluorine leakage, flow and fluorine system blockage should constitute low-pressure maintenance.

1. The most obvious manifestation of fluorine leaks, the pressure is not high, low pressure is less than 0.1 MPa, and high pressure is not more than 1.0 MPa.

2. The low pressure maintenance caused by flow can be determined by returning the amount of water of the cooler. If it is very small, it may be that traffic is not enough to form low-pressure maintenance.

3. The fluorine system is blocked similar to the fluorine leak, but the high pressure pressure will be high, or the throttling equipment is severely frozen, and the temperature may not be achieved.

4. If the low-temperature machine issues a low voltage alert, it is preferred that the concentration of antifreeze is not sufficient, and the long-term operating temperature cannot be lowered, and the flu fluond is too muchly returned to the compressor, resulting in no compressor compression and forming low pressure maintenance.

Third, the cold water machine overload alarm: the cold water machine is running, does not rest, resulting in excessive maintenance.

Normal equipment usually does not issue an alert. Through the above reasons, the above phenomenon can be used to identify problems. If it is still unable to resolve, you need to contact the manufacturer to find a professional to identify and process it. Typically, basic training is performed, and problems can be handled in time.

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