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Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
[The compressor has a failure of ten eight nine as these reasons!]
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First, liquid compression

1, phenomenon analysis:

Liquid refrigerant enters the compressor, generates liquid compression, causing a moving moving plate scroll broken. When the liquid refrigerant enters the compressor chamber, the vortex strip is broken due to the non-compression of the liquid, resulting in the dynamic disc vortex strip, and the compressor is killed. In addition, the broken debris falls to the motor to cause the motor to short the motor.

2. Causes of hydraulic compression:

The system evaporator side fan does not turn or block the pipeline.

Delivery or installation is too much.

3, the countermeasure:

Adjust the appropriate refrigerant amount to ensure that the lower part of the compressor is a heating belt and is energized. For this for the long-term placement or ambient temperature, it is necessary to preheat for 6 hours before starting the air conditioner, and it is necessary to emphasize the after-sales installation.

Second, defluoride operation

1, phenomenon analysis:

When the compressor is operating in the fluoride operation, the temperature of the center portion of the dynamic disk increases, and when a certain temperature is reached, the end seal is melted, and the melting is adhered to the dynamic disk, and the friction of the static disc is increased, and the case is severely movable If the motor temperature will rise, the motor temperature will also rise to the frequent operation of IP, so that the protector is invalid, the motor is burned, and due to the carbonization of the O-ring, it will cause high and low pressure failure, and the pressure press is powered on. Exhaust pressure small.

2. Cause analysis:

Deficiency or loffs in the air conditioning system.

Poor installation, leakage at the system head.

3, the countermeasure:

Ensure the amount of refrigeration within the air conditioning system.

Check whether the various pipe joints and welding are leakage after installation.

There must be a low pressure protector in the system.

Third, bad backlass

1, phenomenon analysis:

The system is poorly refueling (lack of oil), the compressor cannot be transported to each lubrication portion due to lack of oil, so that the friction of each lubrication site is subjected to the bottom, especially the upper movable disk shaft sleeve and the crankshaft. The shank is the most serious, because the force is a few times of the other two lubrication parts of the lower part of the other two lubricants, which will cause the shaft shaft in which the bushing is burned, or even the card, and the case will cause the bushing to be severely worn and broken. . In this case, the motor temperature rise causes frequent manifest to fail to fail to fail, and the sustained large current is added to cause the motor winding to be burned on the lost protection press.

2. Cause analysis:

Compressor: The oil passage is blocked, there is no oil, and the oil volume is insufficient.

System: Capillary blockage, the oil in the reservoir is not in good pressure, the size of the hole is inappropriate, and the import and export is reversed.

Installation: The pipeline does not return oil bend, hidden in the pipeline, the foreign matter enters the pipeline or the pipeline or the high difference is too high and the high difference is too high, and there is no to add appropriate amount of freezer oil and refrigerant.

In terms of use: due to system leakage, the system is deficieted, frequent excess cream, etc.

3, the countermeasure:

Be careful in the installation to improve the oil bend in the pipeline to improve the oil return environment.

When the pipeline is long and the internal and external machine has a large drop, the appropriate amount of refrigerator oil and refrigerant should be added to the system.

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