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Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
Water-cooled screw chiller freezer Air cooled box chiller
[What is the cause of the water consumption power consumption?]
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Since the development of the water mixer technology, the technology of the many chiller manufacturers, the technology of industrial chillers is very fast, but also more advanced, but many customer friends have consulted a problem, that is, since the chiller technology is then Advanced, why is its energy consumption and bigger?

1, install the environment

As a large refrigeration equipment, industrial chillers, many companies buy it is to achieve rapid cooling, cooling, thus achieving the temperature required to produce, such as electroplating, plastic, food industry. If the installation environment is more bad, it will increase the energy consumption. For example, put the cold water unit outdoors, it is recommended if there is no space storage unit equipment, which can be built outside for cold water. Units, only prepare for the pre-installation, in order to achieve rapid cooling, high efficiency production;

2, the working time is too long

If the chiller continues to operate continuously, the working time is too long, then the chiller is also tired as human beings, and the loss of parts will also speed up. Xiaobian recommends that all customer friends develop a detailed working time for the chiller when using the chiller, if it is a large space factory, you can choose to install multiple chiller alternately, which can avoid the increase of consumables alone. Can reduce energy consumption;

3, the presence of the fault

 If the cooling effect of the industrial chiller slowly decreases, even if you don't cool it, you should pay attention to your customers, this time is a fault problem. After the problem, the staff of the management of the chiller should immediately check the chiller unit. The internal situation, fix it in time or contact the water machine manufacturer to maintain, rather than letting ignore, if this is ignored, then the chiller may waste.

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