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[The five major development trends in the cold water unit in the next five years!]
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Affected by factors such as the diversity of application industries, the demand for emerging markets in refrigeration air conditioning products is constantly emerging, which makes China's cold water unit industry continue to stabilize and expand, and become a "crimp stone" of the central air-conditioning market. Industrial online data shows that although the epidemic is affected by the epidemic, the market is still slightly increased.

2021-2025, the "14th Five-Year Plan" will be implemented, a group of major projects in accordance with the "two new" directions will begin construction, the renovation and upgrading of architecture will also pull the product development of the cold water unit products, and the cold water unit products will continue. Play the advantages of energy conservation and emission reduction, help promote the implementation of the goal of "carbon" and "carbon peaks".

Based on the above factors, the overall scale of China's cold water units in China will continue to maintain a steady growth trend in the next five years, and the development opportunities of energy conservation and emission reduction, infrastructure investment, and strengthen economic circulation, etc., further accelerate the product Technological innovation to meet the growing market demand, the following development trends will be present:

First, more efficient energy saving

Air conditioning energy saving is an inevitable requirement for the development of the times. In the past two years, the country's energy saving and consumption consumption of refrigeration and air-conditioning industry is highly concerned, intensive issuance guidance policy: 2019, "Green Efficient Refrigeration Action Plan" released, requiring a large-scale public building refrigeration in 2030 to increase 30%, and the overall energy efficiency level of the cooling Hold more than 25%, the green high-efficiency refrigeration product market share increased by 40%; in September 2020, the first CECS "High-Efficient Air Conditioning Refrigerator Room System Evaluation Standard" started meeting, the drafting of relevant standards of high-efficiency machine room was put into the schedule In December 2020, the Central Economic Work Conference determined "Carbon Middle and Carbon Peak" as one of the key tasks, requiring speeding up to adjust the optimization of industrial structure and vigorously develop new energy.

The above policies have shown that reducing conventional energy consumption, enhances the energy-saving characteristics of the product will become one of the main development directions of the HVAC industry for a longer period of time. The intended target for "carbon neutrality, carbon peak", the energy-saving potential of air-conditioning equipment in the national economy will be further excavated, in the growing demand for comfortable life and the growing project parties for energy-saving requirements. Energy Saving has become one of the most important development orientation of refrigeration air conditioning equipment.

Second, the operation stability is improved

Production and operation of various industries continued to improve the stability requirements of the process environment, in particular in the fields of electronics industry, medical manufacturing, and data centers. If the data center has a stable operation of the air conditioner set, the shutdown is quite strict, and the part brand unit can shorten the start-up time of the load to 80% load by equipping the fast start technology.

The operation of the equipment is to meet the necessity of the production and operation conditions, and the environmental conditions that are constant in temperature and humidity are increasingly attached to the project party, which has become a key indicator for the assessment of the product. Fast start and stop, easy to overhaul, reduce the optimization of the operation stability of the unit, will be more conducive to the application and promotion of the products of the cold water unit and promote the convenience of maintenance of air conditioning system.

Third, environmental friendship is improved

For air conditioning equipment, in addition to consuming electricity or fossil fuel to maintain operation, there is a problem of destroying atmospheric ozone layers, absorbing solar radiation such as ground reflection, and uses the greenhouse effect of the earth to exacerbate the earth. At present, the manufacturer of cold water units is actively attempted a variety of new refrigerants with low GWP values, high energy efficiency, low volume capacity to meet environmental development needs, such as HCFO1233ZD (E), R513A, R450A, etc.

Although the new refrigerant also has problems such as expensive, safe and thermodynamic properties, which are temporarily related to mainstream refrigerants, but under the assessment of fluorochemical materials and assessment of leading chiller companies, refrigerant environmental replacement has become Need for trend, environmentally friendlyness of the cold water unit equipment will also gradually improve.

Fourth, the proportion of custom unit is increased

Each application industry refinement is refined, and the trend in which the differential performance differentiated in the side is more obvious, and the non-standardized needs of the products of the cold water unit will be accelerated. With the increasingly fierce market competition, some of the cold water unit companies choose to have a deep-till layout in the dominant field, and the customized model is continuously recognized in each project. For example, for low water temperature, small load usage conditions, some companies have introduced a cold water unit that can operate at low cooling water temperature conditions, which can be realized at 12 ° C for frozen water, cooling water 12 ° C, "zero temperature difference" Efficient and reliable operation.

With a strong targeted targeted, the promotion process of the product has been significantly accelerated in recent years. Under the continuous refinement of the demand for refrigeration scenarios, the size of the custom unit will continue to increase. The conditions of different working conditions are continuously improved equipment type and function in exploration and change, and promote the continuous expansion of the applicable working conditions of the chiller unit to accelerate the coverage of more applications.

V. The integrated trend is more obvious.

Under the fast-paced production trend, the construction delivery time of the cold water unit project has decreased, but the installation process of the cold water unit needs to be in place, accuracy adjustment, equipment fixation, trial operation, equipment commissioning, etc., short construction cycle. The installation quality of the device will adversely affect the operational effect of the chiller set.

In order to solve the above problems, some companies have introduced integrated chiller units, cooling tower cooling pumps, control cabinets, water tanks and tube valve parts integrated models, and complete assembly debugging in the factory. When the unit arrives at the site, it can be energized immediately, saving the installation steps and maintenance costs. At present, integrated models have been widely used in rail transit, industrial production, data centers and more. In the future, the integrated cold water unit will increase the demand for the renewal of the renovation project, which has gradually accelerated the development pace under the promotion of the project coldness expansion.

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