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[How to charge the frozen oil]
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In the composition of industrial chiller, the compressor is a core component. Its operation requires a refrigerating machine oil, takes lubrication, sealing, etc., then you know that the compressor freezer has a variability? How should freezer oil should be charged?

The following small series gives a friend, introducing the knowledge of this, hoping to help.

First, see 4 reasons for the deterioration of freezer oil:

The first is a mixture of oil water

Originally a freezer oil, but due to some reasons, the moisture is mixed into the oil, which will not only reduce the viscosity of the oil, but also cause the compressor lubrication performance to decline.

The second is mixed into impurities

Mixed moisture in the oil oil, the casting sand, the metal grinding, also mixed into the refrigeration system, which causes the refrigerating oil quality to decline, and also have inferior sealing spacers, and the sealed rubber ring will also increase the refrigerator oil. Aging deterioration.

The third is high temperature oxidation

Low temperature oil is oxidized at high temperatures. When the air compressor exhaust temperature is high, not only the viscosity of the lubrication oil does not reduce the viscosity of the oil, affecting the lubrication performance, but also may cause oily oxidation deterioration. In particular, the thermal stability of freezed oil, in a high temperature environment, the valve sheet decomposes free carbon, resulting in not strict, and thereby reducing the output coefficient of the compressor.

The fourth is the oil number.

The freezer oil also has a variety of oil, and the different refrigerator oils are different from the compressor working conditions, and should be selected according to the manufacturer. Different oil numbers can cause a decline in refrigeration oil. For example, the freezing oil of the two antioxidant additives is mixed. The probability of the chemical reaction increases, and the precipitate is formed, which not only seriously affects the unit lubrication, but also blocks the oil film formation.

This situation is, most embarrassing, such as in order to save frozen oil expenses, 2 kinds of oil mix, resulting in anti-effect, long-term operation will also cause the compressor series failure! It is not worth a loss.

In the above reasons, it is the main reason for the deterioration of refrigerating oil, and should be prevented and disposed depending on its mechanism, such as the daily maintenance inspection of the cold water unit, the oil separator device is periodically inspected and replaced, avoiding the failure of the oil. The unit is mixed into moisture and affects the compressor operation.

Here is the refreshing machine oil filling method and step:

1. Turn off the suction shutoff valve, start the compressor for a few minutes, discharge the refrigerant in the crankcase into the condenser, so that the crankcase is vacuum. After stopping, turn off the exhaust shut-off valve, slowly rotate the bypass bolts of the exhaust shut-off valve, and discharge the remaining air in the high pressure chamber. Rotating suction shutoff valve bypass bolt, mounting tapered joint and copper tube.

2, prepare lubricants.

3. Press and hold the oil absorbing tube with your finger, start the compressor to extract the air in the crankcase. Find the phenomenon of the liquid, so that the compressor continues to run for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the crankcase is vacuum, and the finger pressing the tube is stopped.

4. Immerse the tube of the finger to press the finger into the oil, immerse after letting it, and inhale the crank tube from the pipe

5. Observe the oil surface indicator until the oil surface reaches the oil surface

6. Remove the copper and joint, tighten the bolt, start the compressor from inhaled from the crankcase, tighten the exhaust shut-off valve bolt when the exhaust gas is heard.

7. Open the inhalation, exhaust shut-off valve, and complete the oil work.

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