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[What is the life of ancient refrigeration equipment?]
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The ancients did not have air conditioning, how to pass in the summer! ! !

First, food: deep well ice

China's geography pointed out that in the pre-Qin period, people will be stored in the cellar during the pre-Qin period for hot summer.

The Zhou Dynasty is called "Ling Man", specializes in intimidating ice, bourge and ice, when the ice chamber of Tibetan ice is called "Ling Yin", you can always store winter ice to summer

The bronze storage box of the ice is called "icebook", regarded as an ancient refrigerator.

In the Tang Dynasty, I started to sell ice CEO "Ice Business": Winter Tibetan ice, take it out in summer time.

Due to the expensive price, the ice and drinks are exclusive for Super VIP. Ordinary people eat cold drinks, but also to the Song Dynasty.

In the Song Dynasty, there was a new breakthrough in the cold drink, and there was a royal "ice cream" - cheese made from the modulation of juice, milk, ice.

It is said that in order to eat a cold drink, it is happy to be very happy. The cold drink shop in the Southern Song Dynasty has night markets, and they have been selling in the middle of the night. It seems that the Chinese are eating goods from ancient times.

Second, live: Qingliang Temple

According to historical records, in an ancient palace, special heatstroke construction is weeded, known as "cool temple" or "trendy".

The "Han Shu" on the cool temple is furnished, there is such a record:

"With the painst stone, the text is like Jin, purple blotbook, with purple jade for the plate ..., with jade crystal, bourgeo, in front of the knee, jade crystal and ice."

The stone bed in the cool temple is cool, plus the ice cubes in the jade plate, there is a special person standing next to the fan fan, cooling multiple cooling, the house is not too cool.

In the Tang Dynasty, further upgraded to 2.0 "central air-conditioning room", named the green temple.

Compared to the cool temple that consumes ice cubes, the refrigeration measures containing the cool temple are already "high-end mechanization".

I want ancient people, hiding in a thick shade, isolate the sun, listen to the squat, shake a Pu Mountain in your hands, licking the cold watermelon, or a few mouthfuls, it is not beautiful.

Third, modern people: refrigeration makes life better

In the foreigner, we can't experience, but many people after 70, after 80, he still retained a lot of memories of summer heat, paved a mat, accompanied frog, enjoy the natural wind of the grandmother, listened to the story of grandfather .

After entering the 20th, 21st century, the life day is accelerated. When the air conditioner is cold, the refrigerator has cold drinks. We miss the people and things, but it is undeniable that the cooling makes us now a better life.

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