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[Why does the refrigerator heat up? Will hot hands explode?]
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Refrigerators are commonly used household appliances and are mainly used to store food. Generally, the temperature outside the refrigerator will be higher than the temperature inside the refrigerator. Throughout the cooling process, the refrigerator will continue to dissipate heat. When we touch the top of the refrigerator with our hands, it feels a bit hot. If the refrigerator is hot, you should find out the cause. Why does the refrigerator heat up?

  1. Heat release: After the refrigerator is started, the heat generated by the compressor is concentrated around the condenser. The heat increases rapidly and is discharged from the box, which will cause the temperature outside the box to increase. Generally, the heat emitted by the condenser comes from food in addition to the compressor. Some condensers are on the inside of the refrigerator, and some condensers are on the outside of the refrigerator, which causes the refrigerator to generate heat. In fact, this is just a normal heat dissipation process.

  2. Absorb the heat of food: refrigeration is to lower the temperature in the box, so that the temperature of the food can be lowered. Usually a low temperature source is needed to cool down, so that heat can be transferred to the low temperature source, causing the temperature to drop. The evaporator coil is hidden on the back panel of the refrigerator. There is refrigerant in the coil. When the refrigerant is used, there is a source of low temperature. It will continue to absorb heat, so that the temperature in the refrigerator will drop, correspondingly, the temperature of the food will also drop. During the whole process, the refrigerator was heating up.

  3. Heat transfer: The refrigerant carries the heat and transfers to the outside of the box, and then cools again after it is released. Through the continuous transfer of heat, the temperature can drop. The activation of refrigerant requires compressors and condensers. Generally, refrigerators use copper pipes to transfer these vaporized refrigerants to the outside of the insulation layer of the freezer, and then are compressed by the compressor and transferred to the condenser on the outer wall of the refrigerator to release. Heat transfer.

Life Encyclopedia: Will the refrigerator explode if it gets hot and hot?

  Some people find that the refrigerator is hot when using the refrigerator, so they worry that the refrigerator will explode if it is overloaded. Is it dangerous for the refrigerator to become hot and hot? Under what circumstances will the refrigerator explode? Let's take a look together:

   It is often encountered when the refrigerator is hot and hot, and it is safe under normal circumstances. Because the refrigerator needs to continuously dissipate heat during operation, and the heat dissipation is mainly around the condenser. If you touch the condenser on the part, it is likely to be hot to your hands.

  Don't panic when you encounter this situation. If you are worried about the refrigerator running overload, you may unplug the power plug and let the refrigerator rest for a while. However, in most cases there is no need to do such processing. After the refrigerator dissipates heat, the temperature in the box will drop. If the power plug is suddenly unplugged, it will be cooled again after plugging in the power source.

   Generally, improper operations will cause the refrigerator to explode, such as freezing canned cola in the refrigerator. There is a large amount of gas in canned cola, and the gas solubility decreases as the temperature rises. The can is sealed again, the beverage freezes, the gas expands, and it explodes.

  If you are not careful in normal times, you put inflammable and explosive materials in the refrigerator, or put glassware in the freezer, it may also cause an explosion. In addition, placing too many high-power electrical appliances around the refrigerator may also cause an explosion. Once the refrigerator explodes, it will pose a threat to human health.

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