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Chiller, chiller maintenance, chiller principle, chiller parts, chiller, chiller manufacturer, chiller use
Chiller, chiller maintenance, chiller principle, chiller parts, chiller, chiller manufacturer, chiller use
[Chiller, it is not specialized in the production of cold water equipment!]
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Speaking of a water-cooled screw chiller, it is not a device that specializes in the production of cold water, but a means for cooling other equipment, cold water is just a means of taking cooling.

The principle is to inject a certain amount of water into the water tank in the machine, cool the water through the refrigeration system of the chiller, and then transport low temperature cooling water to the equipment that requires cooling. The frozen water of the cold water unit is rising from heat, then reflows to the water tank to achieve the cooling effect.

Although the water-cooled screw chiller is not a direct production equipment, the development of the industry has also played a lot of promotion, and many industrial production methods need to be used in cooling equipment, and the chiller has a good role. In the process of use, we should also pay attention to maintenance and effectively extend its service life.

1. For the components of the  water-cooled screw chiller, it should be checked frequently, including voltage, flow, and compressor, normal value of 308V, between 11A-15A, beyond or lower than this range, should be sensitive Considering whether it is faulty, it should be investigated in time.

2, the problem of leakage is a big problem, which exists on most mechanical equipment, especially after a period of time, no exception in the chiller. my country is in temperate area, distinguished a year from four seasons, and according to the temperature change of different seasons, the pressure display of the chiller is different. When working properly, the general high pressure shows 11-17kg, low pressure display 3-5 kg.

3, often inspect the heat dissipation system, including cooling water tower fans, nozzles, etc.

4, during use water-cooled screw chiller, do not need to be cleaned every month, after using half a year, the system is cleaned, once a year, cleaning objects include cooling water towers, heat dissipation tubes, and condenser components, ensuring more Good cooling effect.

5. When you don't have time, you should turn off the relevant circuit switch.

Reasonable maintenance can effectively avoid the effects of refrigeration due to dirt and other impurities, and extend the service life of the water-cooled screw chiller. Of course, the length of use is related to maintenance, but is mainly determined by product quality, it also needs to be considered when purchased.

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