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Chiller, chiller problem, chiller solution, chiller manufacturer, chiller price, chiller purchase, chiller function
Chiller, chiller problem, chiller solution, chiller manufacturer, chiller price, chiller purchase, chiller function
[What are the solutions to common problems with chillers?]
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In industrial fields such as medicine, water-cooled screw chillers play a key role. With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, the water-cooled screw chiller market also has good room for development. Data shows that the market capacity of my country's chiller is increasing at an annual rate of 8%, and the market share of domestic chillers is increasing year by year, and the process of import substitution is expected to accelerate.

   At the same time, water-cooled screw chillers are also facing new requirements in terms of quality and stability. It is understood that the current chiller industry in my country is developing towards intelligence, energy saving, humanization and unit integration. Related chiller manufacturers are also constantly exploring and improving, updating equipment and technology, and helping the pharmaceutical and other industries to develop better. .

  In the process of using the chiller equipment, it is inevitable that some common failures will be encountered. It is necessary for the user to understand the possible causes of the failures and make corresponding solutions in time to make the production operation more stable. So, what are the common failures of chillers?

  Small temperature difference between inlet and outlet water

   When the user encounters a small temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water when using the chiller, the general reasons are as follows.

   One, the output cooling capacity of the water-cooled screw chiller is small, for example, the unit itself is faulty or not fully loaded. The industry suggests that under these conditions, users can make preliminary judgments by observing the operating current of the chiller and other parameters.

  Secondly, the heat transfer effect of the equipment is not good. For example, the heat transfer tube has serious fouling, which affects the heat transfer of the chiller. The user can judge by observing the heat transfer temperature difference between the water temperature and the evaporation temperature.

   Third, the water flow is too large, and the user can make judgments by observing the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet water of the evaporator and the running current of the water pump. In addition, if the above problems are eliminated, the user can check whether the sensor or temperature gauge is accurate.

  Communication failure

   It is understood that the computer controller controls each module through the communication line and the main interface board. The main cause of communication failure is the poor contact or open circuit of the communication line, especially the poor contact caused by the interface being damp and oxidized. In addition. Failure of the unit electronic board or the total interface board, improper selection of the address dial switch, and power failure can cause communication failures.

   High voltage failure

   When the compressor discharge pressure is too high, it is easy to cause the high-pressure protection relay to operate. If the pressure is too high for a long time, it will cause the compressor to run too much current, easily burn the motor, and easily damage the compressor exhaust valve.

  So, under what circumstances will a high voltage fault occur? Mainly include: the cooling water temperature is too high, the condensing effect is not good; the cooling water flow is insufficient, and the rated water flow is not reached; the condenser is scaled or blocked; the refrigerant is overcharged; the refrigerant is mixed with air, nitrogen and other non-condensable gases ; False alarms caused by electrical faults.

   low voltage failure

   When the compressor suction pressure is too low, it will cause the low-pressure protection relay to act. It is understood that the reasons for the low-pressure fault are: insufficient refrigerant or leakage; insufficient refrigerant water flow; clogged evaporator and poor heat exchange; electrical faults cause false alarms; and the outside air temperature is low.

   In addition to the above failure causes, users usually need to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the equipment after using the chiller in order to ensure the extended life of the equipment and stable operation.

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