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[Learn about the classification of central air conditioning!]
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Classification of central air conditioning

According to the cooling method:

1. Air cooling: The condenser uses the way of forced air convection for heat exchange. Household air conditioners are basically this kind.

2. Water cooling: The heat emitted from the condenser is cooled by water flow. In order to achieve the purpose of saving water, the cooling water from the condenser is transported to the cooling water tower by the water pump, and the heat exchange with the air is returned to the condenser. Water cooling systems generally only refrigerate.

According to the form of the host compressor:

1. Piston compressor: It is a compressor commonly used in early air conditioning. It is mainly used in freezing and refrigerating equipment.

2. Scroll compressor: a compressor with a high frequency is currently used. The compressor is composed of four parts: set plate, moving plate, motor and body. The biggest feature is that there are fewer parts, high operating stability and long service life.

3. Screw compressor: the most frequently used compressor in large central air conditioning main engine, which is characterized by fewer parts, high stability, long service life, convenient maintenance, etc., and one of the most important points is that the energy efficiency ratio of screw machine is very high, the same cooling capacity, screw machine than the piston machine energy saving more than 25%. Screw machine has single screw and double screw points.

4, centrifugal compressor: the appearance of the centrifuge looks like a large centrifugal water pump, its structure and water pump structure is relatively similar. Centrifugal compressor is often used in a large power of the central air conditioning host, characterized by a single cooling capacity, simple structure, reliable performance, stable operation, because of its high requirements for the production process, at present only a few large international companies, such as Trane, York and other large-scale production and sales, domestic brand Midea factory in Chongqing can also produce.

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