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[What causes ice jams?]
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Causes of ice blockage and fault phenomena

The occurrence of ice blockage fault is mainly due to the excessive water in the refrigeration system, with the continuous circulation of refrigerant, the water in the refrigeration system gradually concentrated at the capillary outlet, because the temperature at the capillary outlet is the lowest, the water formed ice and gradually increased, to a certain extent, the capillary will be completely blocked, the refrigerant can not be recycled, the refrigerator is not refrigerated.

The main source of water in the refrigeration system is: the motor insulation paper in the compressor contains water, which is the main source of water in the system. In addition, the residual moisture of the components of the refrigeration system and the connecting pipes due to insufficient drying; The refrigerant oil and refrigerant contain more than the allowable amount of water; During assembly or maintenance, the pipeline is in the development state for a long time, resulting in moisture in the air being absorbed by the motor insulation paper and freezer oil. Due to the above reasons, the water content of the refrigeration system exceeds the allowable amount of the refrigeration system, and ice blocking occurs. On the one hand, the ice blockage causes the refrigerant to fail to circulate and the refrigerator can not refrigerate normally; On the other hand, water will also chemically react with the refrigerant to generate hydrochloric acid and hydrogen fluoride, resulting in corrosion of metal pipes and components, and even damage to the insulation of the motor windings, and also cause deterioration of the refrigerated oil, affecting the lubrication of the compressor. Therefore, the moisture in the system must be controlled to a minimum.

The performance of ice blocking in the refrigeration system is that the initial stage works normally, the evaporator frosts, the condenser dissipates heat, the unit runs smoothly, and the refrigerant activity sound in the evaporator is clear and stable. With the formation of the ice block, the air flow can be heard to gradually weaken and intermittently. When the blockage is serious, the air flow sound disappears, the refrigerant circulation is interrupted, and the condenser gradually becomes cool. Due to the blockage, the exhaust pressure increases, the machine operation sound increases, there is no refrigerant inflow in the evaporator, the frosting area gradually becomes smaller, the temperature also gradually increases, and the capillary temperature also rises together, so the ice begins to dissolve, and the refrigerant begins to recircuate. After a period of time, the ice blockage occurs again, forming a periodic through-blockage phenomenon.

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